Lincoln Heights School

+64 9 833 7480 16 Keegan Drive, Massey, Waitakere City, Auckland, NZ
Lincoln Heights School
Step by step together we reach new heights.

How can I contribute to school?

Volunteering for the PTA (Whānau and Friends) standing for the school BoT or supporting with parent help on trips is a great way to support our school.  If you have a passion for a sport, we would love to talk to you about how we could incorporate that into our school sports programme.

Where do I buy my child's uniform?

You can buy uniform online from NZ uniforms. There is a link in the school shop on our website, or from  Uniforms will be delivered to your address.


How much are school fees?

We don't charge school fees.  We believe that where possible, education should be barrier free.

How much is stationery?

Stationery is provided by the school.  We ask that each family pay a donation towards the cost of stationery. $30 per child. You can pay for this in the school shop on our website, or at the office.

Will I have to pay for trips?

We fund the majority of school trips so there is generally no cost for children to attend.  We do ask for a small contribution to school camps (generally around $50).

Do you have a school tuck shop?

No we are part of the government funded free lunches in schools programme.  Every child is able to access a free lunch each day.  We also have free fruit in school.


What should I do if my child is sick?

Please contact the office on 833 7480 or text a message to 021 134 6740 if your child is sick. You can also notify us of an absence on the skool loop app.    

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