Lincoln Heights School

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Lincoln Heights School
Step by step together we reach new heights.

Occupational Therapy - Suzanne

Occupational Therapy is:

  • Written communication needs.
  • Fine motor development to manage classroom tasks and materials.
  • Assessing and applying for specialised equipment.
  • Conceptual and social development.
  • Functional skills.

Physiotherapy - Claire

Physiotherapy is:
  • Individulised stretching & strengthening programmes to enhance a child's participation and function at school.
  • Adapting school environment to assist with access and participation.
  • Assessing and applying for specialised equipment.   
  • Prescribing splints.
  • Teaching staff, students and parents safe transfer/mobilisation techniques.                 
  • Helping students to maintain and improve functional ability and general health by encouraging mobility. 
  • Family support for transition to high school and for all medical decisions.
  • Participation in Parasport and Hydrotherapy sporting activities with one on one support.

Speech Language Therapy - Elena

Speech Language Therapy is:

  • Talking
  • Listening
  • Clarity
  • Social skills
  • Understanding instructions
  • Learning new words to use
  • Fluency
  • Problem solving
  • Language processing
  • Voice
  • Eating & swallowing

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