Lincoln Heights School

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Lincoln Heights School
Step by step together we reach new heights.

Our Class

With 27 students in our learning environment, there is plenty of expertise and knowledge to share.

Our Learning

We discover. 
We wonder.
We think critically.
We are life long learners.

Our Whanau

The best way to learn comes from working together, sharing and dedication.
Together, we are one.

Room 24’s Classroom Rules

These rules were decided by the students and signed in agreement.

- We respect the classroom environment.
- We respect each other and their belongings.
- We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
- We put our thumbs up to share our ideas.
- We take our hats off when inside.
- We stand at the front of the class quietly when presenting the karakia.
 - Using appropriate language. - We use our manners to show character.

- We stay on task.
- We ask for help if we need it.
- We show that we are listening by making eye contact.
- Sitting up and facing the speaker when on the mat or at our desks.

- Being responsible for our own learning.
- We sit in the correct place on the mat.
- We sit at our correct desks.
- We are aware of our noise level.
- We are aware of the tone we use when specking to others.
- Including others.
- We put our rubbish in the correct bins

- Celebrate our and others diversity.
- We try new things and ‘give them a go’.
- We share our ideas and thinking with each other.
- Being positive about our learning.
- Believing in your own ability.
- Praising others achievements.

- We remain inside the unless given permission by an adult.
-Being honest about your mistakes.
- We are fair.
- We wear the correct uniform.

Room 24's Celebrations

Peter Switzer - Duffy Award
Showing outstanding awareness in transitions and packing up.

Pauline Tuia  - Learning Award
Creating well thought-out answers with detail.

Eron Eli - Learning Award
Actively achieving next steps in literacy. 

Week Eight Assembly Awards

Junior Taulaoi - Duffy Award
Showing active awareness when given instructions.

Kayzjah Tiatia  - Learning Award
Applying herself in her Maths.

Cameron Lile - Learning Award
For accessing his imagination to create a detailed first draft.

Week Six Assembly Awards

Tai Teagai - Duffy Award

For engagement, great listening and plenty of questioning.

Grace Chandler - Learning Award
Great improvement in her writing. 

Wyatt Cairn - Learning Award
Taking his time to ensure his letters are formed correctly in handwriting.

Lexus Sroiparp - Learning Award
For superb effort in handwriting. Making it neat and tidy.

Week Two Assembly Awards

Newsletters - 2019

Linked below is the Newsletters. These Newsletters will be available at the start of each term. They will include: 
Shared successes, photos of the students and their learning, up and coming events and learning focuses for the term ahead.

 Term One Newsletter

 Term Two Newsletter

 Term Three Newsletter

 Term Four Newsletter

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