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A New Normal

Posted on 20 December 2021

COViD has changed the way we view things and do things.  It has made us suspicious of one another and created vaccinated and non vaccinated camps - each believing that history will prove that their position was right.

It has been especially challenging for us in education, navigating the mandate, our own values and freedom of choice.  Ultimately, regardless of their own beliefs, many teachers chose to be vaccinated for the greater good.  Believing in their responsibility to do everything they can to keep our children safe.

Regardless of your vaccination status, your children will be welcome at school.  Regardless of your vaccination status, you will be able to participate in curriculum based activities such as parent interviews.  Where possible we will ensure that all parents are able to be an active part of their children's learning journey.  We will do this because successful children have engaged families who have authentic learning relationships with school.  We will do this because you matter to us and your opinion is important.

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