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Lincoln Heights School officially opened for instruction on 2nd February 1966. Queen’s Birthday Weekend 3-5 June 2016 we will celebrate the school’s 50th Jubilee and invite you to join us!  This school is built on a strong foundation of intergenerational connection and community spirit. Join with us- it’ll be a celebration too good to miss.

VIEW OUR PROGRAMME AND REGISTER NOW by clicking on this link: 50th Jubilee Enrolment Form

If you experience any difficulties with online registration please contact the helpdesk at supportnewzealand@meesys.com or email Karen Irving at 50thjubilee@lincolnheights.school.nz for further details 


Nicola Alcock, Joanne Armstrong, Shannon Aston, Margaret Barnard (nee Hands) & Graeme Barnard, Carol Bartlett, Leslie Bishop, Jude Black, Ross Booth, Amanda Brydone (nee Youens), Vignette Calvin, Wendy Chambers, Linda Clouston, Kay Crofskey, Donna Devlin (nee Wigg), Julie Dent, Peter Dreaver, Rachel Dreaver-Wall, Dale Edwards, Sheryl Ennever, Julia Fuimaono, Masina Gagamoe, C Hagan, Robyn Hall, Joy Hay, Carmen Hempleman (nee Chapman), Terry and Sandra Hewetson, Paula Henry-Hilton, Clare Hocking, Peter & Sue Hogg, Agnes Howe, Chelsea Irving, Karen Irving (nee Chambers), Gordon Irving, Tania Irwin (nee Youens), Maree Jackson (nee Jones), Steven Dart, Anne Dart, John Dart, Leanne Karl (nee Kay), Arina Kumar, Maragaret Laidlaw, Simotu Lavea, Mata Wong (nee Leota), Trena Lile, Peter Littin, Kevin Longshaw, Louise & Bart Mann, Shirley & Dugald Martin, Sharon Matutinovich, Christine McCracken, John McCracken, Temara Morton, Pauline Muir (nee Longshaw), Louise Mulligan (nee Matutinovich), Judith Olsen, Diane Payne (nee King), Wendy Petersen-Fry, Deb Platz (nee Littin), Daniel Quinn, Marion Raffaelli (nee McDowall), Austin & Colleen Rasmussen, Amelia Reaburn, Jessica Reaburn, Catherine Reaburn, Sarah Reaburn, Michelle Rudge (nee Morton), Liz Simpson, Kiri Steed, Martha Hartwell, Morani Nuku, Pat Heinemann, Karyne Tafa (nee Wright), Sue Tahana, Jill Taylor, Stacey Thomas (nee Edwards), Debbie & Will Waikato (nee Kent), Lisa Weastell (nee Rutt), Cathi White, Sheryl & David Youens (nee Pearce). 



Lincoln Heights School now has a FaceBook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/LincolnHeightsSchool/

We update it regularly with the latest news and events.



The ERO team visited Lincoln Heights School in May 2015. The following are some of the comments from our confirmed report. 

"Senior leaders and teachers make good use of student learning information to understand their learners and to make decisions about teaching and learning programmes."

"Students engage well in their learning. Classrooms are student centred and students benefit from opportunities to work collaboratively and to talk about their learning."

The board receives reports about student achievement that are well designed to be useful for them."

"Many older students are natural leaders and proud of their contribution to the school. They accept responsibility readily and provide good role models for other students." 

"Senior leaders work well together and provide professional leadership for teachers." 

"The school is improvement focused. A good framework is in place to guide self review. Teachers and parents provide some worthwhile information about the school direction and initiatives."  




The Lincoln Heights School song. Written by Melaina Talamahina and sung proudly by our students.


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S.K.I.D.S After School Care Programme



Elwyn Richardson - Foundation Principal at Lincoln Heights


Elwyn Richardson - Foundation Principal


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