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1. Section 60B of the Education Act 1989, as amended by the Education Standards Act 2001, requires the Board of Trustees to produce a written statement, following consultation with the school’s community, about how the school will implement health education once every two years.
2. To consult with parents, caregivers and staff about the health learning needs of Lincoln Heights School students and to provide programmes that will make a difference to their well-being.

Health and Physical Education at Lincoln Heights School

Lincoln Heights School provides a nurturing, child-friendly environment where students feel safe, supported and secure.  Opportunities are provided for students that promote a sense of self-value and worth.  
Leadership opportunities are also provided in Physical Education with senior students running  games and skills workshops for junior students.  All students are provided with a variety of opportunities to participate in activities of a competitive nature and those necessary to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Programme Implementation

Health and Physical Education are linked in one curriculum document.  For the purpose of providing clear information about the programmes we provide they have been separated into two sections.

The New Zealand Curriculum has four main strands for Health and Physical Education.
  1. Personal Health and Physical Development
  2. Movement concepts and motor skills
  3. Relationships with other people
  4. Healthy communities and environments.

​Of the seven key learning areas, there are four learning areas related to Health.


Key Area of Learning

 Clarification and Possible Programme Content


Mental Health

Opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to:

Strengthen personal Identity

Enhance a sense of self-worth

Develop effective relationships with others

 Sexuality Education

Opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to:

Positive attitudes towards sexuality

Physical and emotional changes

Take care of their sexual health

Enhance their personal and interpersonal skills now and in the future

 Food and Nutrition

Opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to:

Make informed decisions about food

Make informed choices that will contribute to their own well-being and that of other people

 Body Care and Physical Safety

Opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to:

Personal body care

Recognise hazards in the environment

Adopt safe practices in relation to those hazards

The other key learning areas are Outdoor Education, Physical Activities and Sport Studies.

 The Lincoln Heights School Health and Wellbeing Curriculum

We would like our students to cover a two-year programme relative to their particular age group and where possible integrated with other curriculum areas as an inquiry of a major concept, or planning to meet specific needs such as aligning to Life Education, Health Promoting School and Wellbeing programmes.  

Junior School (Year 1-2)
Even Year: Looking After Ourselves; Change, Loss and Grief.
Odd Year: Food and Nutrition; Keeping Ourselves (Knowing What to do); Sexuality Education.

Middle School (Year 3-5)
Even Year: Drug Education; Change, Loss and Grief.
Odd Year: Food and Nutrition; Keeping Ourselves Safe; Sexuality Education.

Senior School (Year 6-8)
Even Year: Drug Education; Change, Loss and Grief; Sexuality Education.
Odd Year: Food and Nutrition; Keeping Ourselves Safe (Getting help and standing up for myself); Sexuality Education.

The school uses a range of programmes to teach health such as:
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe 
  • Kia Kaha 
  • Life Education
  • Positive Puberty - year 7/8
  • Cyber Safety
  • Attitude - year 7/8
  • DARE - year 7/8
Sexuality Education has a focus on pubertal change and is provided for students in Year 7 & 8 
These programmes may be taught as a unit or by incorporating them into other aspects of the PE programme or curriculum areas.  Units may be taught in conjunction with the police or other outside agencies.
Lincoln Heights School offers a range of programmes and activities, competitive and non-competitive, for students to develop their sports skills and team work such as:
  • Cross Country
  • Athletics
  • Touch Rugby
  • ​Basketball
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Rippa Rugby
  • Inter-school Sports
  • Rugby 7's 
  • Rugby League 9's 
  • Student - led lunchtime games and activities
  • Year 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 EOTC Camp
  • Swimming
  • Kiwi sport Activator
These activities are provided by staff and outside sports associations.
The Consultation Process

We would like to invite you as a parent and/or caregiver of Lincoln Heights School to provide feedback through the link below:
The results will be shared with the community in Term 4 2018 


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